Royal Enfield Black Airfly Leg guard / Engine Guard for Classic/Electra/TBTS/Standard all models

Colors Available  
Crash guards are used to protect a motorcycle and the rider during a fall. If it is not for the crash guard, chances of the rider getting underneath the motorcycle and its hot engine will be high during a fall. A crash guard also protects the motorcycle body from scratches or dents by preventing it from coming in contact with the ground.
Perhaps, this is the most common crash guard available for the Royal Enfield Bullet. The three-slat guard goes really well with the ‘Macho' look of the bullet. It is also one of the oldest design for Royal Enfield crash guards.

The Airfly crash guard is heavier than the others. The protruding construction also makes it more susceptible to dents and scratches while riding through narrow spaces.
Direct fit for Classic/Electra/TBTS/Standard all models

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