High Quality wildboar Classic Silencer For Royal Enfield Classic 350/500cc

Colors Available  

Wild Boar Classic Regular Chrome Exhaust For Royal Enfield Classic 350/500

Wild Boar Classic Regular Chrome Exhaust are meant to provide the thump your vehicle needs. The Wild Boar Exhausts are made up of Glass Wool ensuring a free flow for the exhaust gases thus working on the back pressure which ensures better performance of your vehicle. The Wild Boar Exhausts have been designed to last long and give you better performance. These are easy to install and are a direct replacement to your existing stock exhausts. The stylish design helps in enhancing the overall look of the vehicle.

Features -

Suitable for  - Royal Enfield Classic 350/500.

Weight - 3.0 kg.

Material - Mild Steel.

Inner Material - Glass Wool.

Outer Material - Chrome Plated

Finish - Chrome.

Baffle - No.

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